THE WILDNESS is a reclamation of self...

and our relationships with Mother Nature and one another.

THE WILDNESS began in 2017 as a nourishing, natural
skincare line.

It has evolved alongside my personal journey to become a community where our Wildness, our essence, can thrive... skin, body & soul.

I’m passionate about empowering our Wildness to thrive, taking loving ownership of ourselves and growing a community where we can share this journey together.

It is my humble hope that THE WILDNESS will inspire you to discover more of your own Wildness.

There are so many ways we can journey together:

BEcoming THE WILDNESS: Our free Facebook community focused on self-discovery and reclamation.

Transformational Offerings: Explore private, group and pre-recorded offerings designed to reawaken your Wildness, connect you more deeply with your inner guidance and unearth the treasures hiding within your shadows and conditioning.

Energy Alchemy SessionsWe journey together to bring you wellbeing on the physical, emotional, mental and energetic planes. Sessions are available in private, group and pre-recorded formats. 

Artisan goods, including stunning jewelry from Hokubijou

And of course, THE WILDNESS skincare line!

I love you and I'm so glad to have you with me on this adventure!

Much love,


About Us

Energy Alchemy Sessions

We journey together to bring you wellbeing on the physical, emotional, mental and energetic planes.

Maybe you are seeking optimum physical health, better relationships, more self-love, to shift limiting beliefs, to reawaken your wildness (who you be) or uncover your hidden gifts?

We'll connect in and be intuitively guided to identify root causes and facilitate transformation.

These sessions are available in private, group and pre-recorded formats. 

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HELLO calm, clear, healthy skin!

THE WILDNESS skincare is a beautiful synergy of ancestral plant medicine and modern science.

Each creation designed to nourish skin – calming skin and supporting barrier repair so skin can heal.

Learn more about Healthy Skin here!

Every formula beta tested by real people, with real sensitive skin.

Organic and wildcraft cultivation and gentle processing methods ensure purity and phytonutrient retention.

Ecofriendly packaging and shipping materials.

So much love and intention poured into each small batch crafted and order shipped.

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Love from the Professionals

Jewelry from Hokubijou

Hokubijou Founder Lauren Amacher has been creating since birth.

Her handcrafted jewelry is inspired by the blooming, vibrant and humbling beauty of her Hawaiian home.

Each piece is lovingly crafted by hand and is as unique as the beauty it adorns.

I'm so excited to share Lauren's earrings and necklaces with you.

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Meet Rachel

Welcome friend, I'm glad you're here!

I'm Rachel Powell, founder of THE WILDNESS.

I began formulating nourishing, natural skincare in response to my own struggles with sensitive and reactive skin.

THE WILDNESS has expanded alongside my personal and spiritual journey to become an empowering community where our Wildness to thrive skin, body & soul.

I'd love to share a bit about my journey...

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Wellness is a journey of becoming: What healing is and how to heal yourself

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