What's so special about raw, unrefined ingredients?

Using ingredients in their unrefined or minimally processed state retains vitamins and nutrients and they are more effective for your skin. Many butters and oils are processed using high heat (which destroys nutrients) and/or solvents such as hexane (which can leave behind nasty chemical residues) because it is fast and cost-effective. I think it's worth it to source only the best ingredients for our products, especially when crafting for sensitive skin. When purchasing good olive oil, you might look for extra-virgin cold pressed oil. Creating good quality oil is an art form. The process takes longer and you pay more for better quality oil. The same is true for the butters and oils that we use in our products. Our raw plant extracts are extracted using the gentlest processes and we never use anything that is solvent extracted. Click here to learn more about each of the raw ingredients we use.


Why are wildcraft and organic cultivation methods prioritized?

Wildcrafted plants are harvested in their natural environment and are not cultivated. Choosing wildcrafted and organically cultivated plants is prioritized because these growing methods are safer and there's no worry about residual pesticides. No pesticides in my skin care please!


Why aren't your products white or clear?

Because unrefined ingredients usually aren't white or clear. With butters and oils that are closer to their natural state you get beautiful colors! That's why our Rebirth Body Butter is a pretty yellowish color and our Bio Face Serum is green. My Aunt likes to call the Bio Face Serum her "kale serum", but really its the virgin hemp seed oil that imparts it's beautiful green color.


What is your Beta Testing Program and how can I participate?

Our Beta Testing Program is a group of real people dealing with sensitive skin and a variety of skin conditions. Beta testers are provided with free products for testing prior to release in return for providing product feedback. Requested product feedback often includes before and after photos (for my use only) and answering a survey. Beta tester feedback is an invaluable part of my process and enables me to tweak formulas and uncover issues before product launch. Please send an email to love@thewildness.co or fill out the contact form to request participation in the Beta Testing Program.


Do all of your products contain CBD?

No, the only products that contain CBD are Rehab CBD Serum and CBD-infused Rescue Balm.


What's so great about CBD in skincare?

Read our Comprehensive Guide to CBD Skincare, Full Spectrum PCR Hemp Oil and the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) to learn more.


What's the best way to apply Rebirth Body Butter?

Rebirth Body Butter is the original wet skin moisturizer. We recommend applying it to wet skin in the shower or bath. Don't towel off first - lock in all that moisture! For an extra treat you can also prep skin with our Gentle Multitasker in Hydrate. Rub a small amount of Rebirth Body Butter in hands and smooth it over your whole body. If necessary you can blot skin with a towel to remove any excess moisture before getting dressed. Some of our customers also like to apply Rebirth Body Butter to problem areas, such as hands, feet and elbows at bedtime. 


How much Rebirth Body Butter should I use?

Rebirth Body Butter is different from other moisturizers and a tiny bit really does go a long way. If it ever feels greasy, you are likely using too much. Rebirth Body Butter is ultra-concentrated and contains no water or fillers. It is designed to be applied to wet skin. A dime to nickle-sized amount should be enough to cover your entire body and your hands need less than a pea-sized amount to repair your skin and leave it feeling wonderful! 


Are your products cruelty-free and vegan?

Yes. We never test on animals - only humans in our Beta Testing Program! Our products are also vegan. THE WILDNESS (formerly BEAUTY IN THE Raw) is certified by PETA's Beauty Without Bunnies program. Click here to check out our certification. We also have letters on file from all of our partners and suppliers stating they (or their suppliers/growers) do NOT test on animals.


Are your products clean and safe?

Yes. Safety is very important to us. We only use the freshest and cleanest raw ingredients with great safety profiles. All of our products are tested on real people with real sensitive skin. Additionally, Rebirth Body Butter and Bio Face Serum have been evaluated by the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep scientists and have been awarded a hazard score of 1, which is the agency's best safety rating. 


Help! I left my body butter in a hot car in the middle of summer and it melted.

No worries. Our Rebirth Body Butter is a natural product made without the addition of chemical stabilizers and can melt in really hot conditions, such as a hot car in the middle of summer. Just let the body butter come back to room temperature and use as you normally would. Melting may change the texture, but not the effectiveness, of our body butter.




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