Artisan Goods to Nourish Skin & Soul

THE WILDNESS is a way of life…

Rewilding, reconnecting with self and Nature’s beauty, bounty and medicine…

Nourishing skin, body and soul...

Living intentionally...

Experiencing fully...

The freedom of life lived on our terms.

Seek THE WILDNESS for Healthy Skin & Happy Life

So what the heck does "Seek THE WILDNESS" mean?

It is intentionally creating space for the things that nourish us...

The experiences, activities, people, products, foods...

That light us up, make us feel happy, nourished, grateful, fulfilled and free.

Seeking THE WILDNESS is the answer to just about everything we’re looking for in life...healthier skin, more fun or work-life balance.

What could be better than transforming our skin and lives by adding more of the good stuff?

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Nourishing Natural Skincare

THE WILDNESS is a beautiful synergy of ancestral plant medicine and modern science.

Each creation designed to nourish skin – tamping down inflammation and supporting barrier repair so our skin can heal.

Every formula beta tested by real people, with real sensitive skin.

Organic and wildcraft cultivation and gentle processing methods prioritized for purity and phytonutrient retention.

Ecofriendly packaging and shipping materials.

So much love and intention poured into each small batch crafted and order shipped.

Nourish Your Skin

Artisan Goods to Nourish Your Soul

Adorn yourself with healing crystal and 14K gold-filled jewelry.

Remind yourself to Seek THE WILDNESS with branded leather and apparel.

Handcrafted with passion, love and intention in the USA.

Nourish Your Soul

People & Planet

A force for good for our community and the planet

Waterless formulas are highly concentrated and require up to 70% less packaging

Senstive skin safe: extensive research and beta testing on real people

Certified Cruelty-Free by PETA

Rebirth Body Butter and Bio Face Serum awarded a score of 1 (best safety rating) by EWG Skin Deep

Ecofriendly packaging and shipping materials (glass bottles/jars, water-based inks and recycled, recyclable and upcycled shipping)

$1 donated for each product sold since 2017. Learn more here

We never use endangered botanicals

Meet our Founder

Welcome friend, I'm glad you're here!

I'm Rachel Powell - scientist, outdoor enthusiast and founder of THE WILDNESS (formerly BEAUTY IN THE Raw).

My skin journey has become my superpower.

I've struggled with sensitive & reactive skin since birth.

I'd love to tell you about my journey and why a different approach to skincare may be exactly what you've been searching for.

Rachel's Story

Wellness is a journey of becoming: What healing is and how to heal yourself
Wellness is a journey of becoming: What healing is and how to heal yourself

by Rachel Powell March 21, 2023

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by Rachel Powell March 29, 2022

Inflammation is a key player in all skin conditions. Understand inflammation, how it damages the skin barrier and actionable, holistic tips to reduce inflammation.

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Seek THE WILDNESS for healthy skin, happy life!