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Aqua Chalcedony Necklace
Shannon (Fayetteville, NC)
Stunning necklace

I love this necklace! The beach is my happy place and the color of the stone reminds me of the green/blue color of the ocean. It's really beautifully made and a perfect length. Thank you!

The Originals Skincare Discovery Set
Alisa M. (Charlotte, NC)
The Glow Up You Didn’t Know You Needed

I’m OBSESSED with this skincare. At first I thought it would be too oily for my skin, but I was wrong! It’s actually beyond amazing! My skin looks hydrated, healthy and no blemishes!!!! Completely cleared my skin after the first week I started it. It also helps even out makeup application. Seriously, this set is the glow up you didn’t know your skin needed. I never go without my Rescue Balm and the Body Butter is great for my tired feet at the end of the day. If you haven’t given this set a try, I HIGHLY recommend it. Oh….and it smells delish too! Thank you Rachel for creating such a wonderful product.


Absolutely amazing!

I’m the short time I’ve been using these products my skin has never felt better and never looked better! I love it and would 100% recommend!

Best Skin Ever Discovery Set
Vanessa M. (Corona, CA)
Thank you for giving me more confidence!

The Vitamin C+ powder to serum is a magic potion in a bottle! It’s the missing link for my skin care. I was exhausting myself trying to do everything and had the internal work on point but what I was doing externally just wasn’t hitting the mark. I would find the most natural of creams but my skin was still so dry. The moment the serum touched my skin it was like heaven and earth just met 🤩 thank you!! I am so excited to be sending these products as holiday gifts for my loved ones.

Whipped body butter

This stuff is truly amazing! The skin on my arms has n3ver felt so soft and smooth. My skin absorbs it instantly! I love it!

Herkimer Diamond Satellite Necklace
Shannon M. (Marietta, GA)
A Treasure

I absolutely love, love, love my necklace. I actually wear it everyday! It’s so delicate, but adds just enough sparkle to go with everything. It’s a treasure! ❤️

Calibrate C+ Powder-to-Liquid Serum
Marrie F. (Roswell, GA)
Bright Skin

This product is easy to use and certainly brightens my skin. I definitely recommend any products from this very knowledgeable skin care aficionado.

Rebirth Whipped Body Butter
Annelyse T. (Denver, CO)
Love This!

Absolutely love the Rebirth Whipped Body Butter! It smells amazing and leaves my skin so smooth and hydrated. Will definitely purchase again!

Calibrate C+ Powder-to-Liquid Serum
Susan F. (Youngsville, NC)
Love it!

This product has help my skin feel smoother and has started to fill in a large pore that had developed over the years. I would recommend it to help aging skin even out. Thank you!


This powder serum has brightened my skin and décolleté and now I can’t live without it! Another brilliant product from the Wildness. Thank you Rachel!

Calibrate C+ Powder-to-Liquid Serum
Sheila S. (Crown Point, IN)
Natural Glow

I’m really enjoying the Calibrate +C powder. It gives my skin a natural glow.

Rescue Balm - CBD Infused
Monica J. (Rockville, CT)
Rescue balm is my go to!

Rescue balm is my go to for anything with my skin. Especially in winter when I get cuts on my hand from dryness. I used it after 25 radiation treatments. My skin went from extremely burned bright red to looking almost my regular skin color in one week! Rescue balm heals the skin in a way I’ve never seen a topical get even close to doing. Love this! Thank you for creating this. 💕

Best Skin Ever Discovery Set
Alicia G. (Smyrna, GA)

I am loving my products

Calibrate Vitamin C Powder Serum
Shae T. (Chattanooga, TN)
Amazing redults!

Whoa baby! If you are looking for a vitamin C that actually works and isn't hrash, this is what you need! This is by far one of my favorite vitamin c's of all time! I love that it has hyaluronic acid in it too. I have fairly sensitive skin and this didn't irritate my skin or anything. I saw a big change in my skin tone, texture, lines, and my dark circles improved too. Its amazing!

Calibrate C+ Powder-to-Liquid Serum
Kim P. (Woodstock, GA)
Amazing results

My entire life I have struggled with dark circles under my eyes. I have tried many products but have never seen results. After 3 weeks of using the vitamin C powder serum, I have seen drastic improvement. My overall skin tone also improved. I'm excited to see the results with continuous usage.

Calibrate Vitamin C Powder Serum
Qui (Holly Springs, NC)

I really like the vitamin C powder serum. It helped my texture and added brightness. I was so glad especially because of the hyperpigmentation I am dealing with but it has gotten much better.

Calibrate Vitamin C Powder Serum
Christine (North Tonawanda, NY)
Excellent results

Smoother skin with faded age spots. Super stable as you reconstitute as needed. Perfect!

Calibrate Vitamin C Powder Serum
Shannon (Fayetteville, NC)
Wonderful product

I have been using this amazing powder for a little over a month now. I am blown away by the results. Redness from my rosacea and acne breakouts significantly faded. Big improvements in my skin tone and texture. Really excited to see what improvements come along with continued use. My skin is so sensitive it's wonderful to finally find a vitamin C product that doesn't irritate my skin. I highly recommend it. Especially if you have tried vitamin C products in the past and had a reaction. This one is totally different it is a game changer! You control the concentration. Your skin will love it!

Wintertime godsend

This is a game changer for me during the winter. My skin gets super dry from being in and out of the weather constantly. Instant relief when I use it. Thanks for making the winter less annoying!

CBD Skincare Discovery Set - Mini
Jennifer J.
Love this stuff!!

I came across these products by accident and decided to try the mini set thinking I'd give them a try. So many products I've tried either dry me out more or cause breakouts. I have a problem with both dryness and breaking out on top of wrinkles. These products are amazing!! My skin was hydrated , soft and no breakouts at all! It actually cleared up what I already had within 2 days! Within a week my wrinkles were starting to soften. I don't wear makeup and my son asked if I had makeup on and said my skin looked better. I knew I was gonna have to get some more after that!! Thank you! Thank you! I have finally found the amazing products I've been searching for without all the terrible ingredients you find on the drugstore shelves!!

Bio Face Serum
Katie C. (Marietta, GA)
The Best.

I won't use any other serum. So reasonably priced for the quality of this serum!!

The Originals Skincare Discovery Set
Marrie F. (Marietta, GA)

I have been using the Beauty in the Raw original product line for years. The serum gives my skin a smooth, clear flattering look and feel. The rescue balm is a must have from tended cuticles to inflammation and even abrasions. Rounding out with the Body butter I will admit that I get a twofold benefit from it. First, it leaves my skin feeling luscious. Second, I am going to admit that I am lazy about putting lotion on, but with Beauty in the Raw’s wet skin application it is a breeze!! If you haven’t used any of these products treat yourself to the sample pak and give them a whirl. You will not regret it!!!

CBD Skincare Discovery Set
Katie C. (Atlanta, GA)
Always quality!

I've been using their products for a few years and decided to try out the CBD line with the colder weather coming. I usually get dry, flaky skin with the cold, dry air but this CBD line has saved me. Feels amazing and I won't use any other natural brand at this point!

Best Skin Ever Discovery Set
Sheila S. (Crown Point, IN)
Natural Glow

BEAUTY IN THE Raw products brings out a natural glow to my skin. Love it!

Hand Sanitizer
Luanne F. (Rockville, MD)
So refreshing!

Love the light citrus scent!

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