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Mahina Necklace
Michelle (Fayetteville, NC)

I love this necklace. The details are really lovely. I would love to have it in silver too! I wear it all the time. I
highly recommend it!

Group Energy Alchemy Session
Michelle (Fayetteville, NC)
Great healing session!

Really enjoyed this session. You feel the collective power of being in a group but with total privacy. This session is unique in that Rachel provides you with the tools to learn how to heal your own energy issues that may be causing physical ailments. I highly recommend this session to anyone who wants to tap into the mind body connection and our amazing ability to heal.

Beautiful & Expansive

Thank you for a powerful experience 🙏 For the first time I experienced the shadow sequence of my activation sequence.
While you held the space safely for me I saw them all at play in a recent experience.
It was fascinating to see that is ALL conditioning and not who I really am.
I loved the session, thank you 🤍

Bio Face Serum
Carly L. (Marietta, GA)
I can’t wait to put it on every day!

This serum is the best I have ever tried! I love the way it makes my skin feel and it smells divine!

Group Energy Alchemy Session
C.L. (Marietta, GA)
Shadow Alchemy Workshop

I loved the opportunity to approach shadow work in a new way with Rachel’s Shadow Alchemy Session. Rachel creates a safe space for deep reflection and healing. I learned something unexpectedly about myself that brought self compassion and peace throughout the session.

Rescue Balm - Original
Susan F. (Raleigh, NC)
Must have

If I could have just one skin care product, it would be Resue Balm Original. It is multiple Balms in one jar and handles many problems far better than others.

Best Skin Ever Discovery Set
Kaya M. (Brunswick, GA)
Skin Care

I purchased the Skin Care Discovery Set after my recent pregnancy. I was breaking out with hormonal acne and felt awful when I looked in the mirror!
In less than a week, my skin was clearing up, no new blemishes to speak of, and I see a new healthy shine and glow. Truly amazing skin care! Thank you so much!

Group Energy Alchemy Session
R.i. (Ploieşti, PH)
This session brough me Peace

Connected me to myself on a deep level and allowed me to meet different parts of myself that i was not aware of. Voicing them, giving them space was healing. Thank you!

One-on-One WILDNESS Session
Michelle (Fayetteville, NC)
Best Self Discovery Session Ever!

My one on one time with Rachel was truly a gift that keeps on giving. During the session she was able to break through some of my self limiting beliefs that were also causing some physical discomfort. And immediately heal the discomfort. I left the session with a wonderful sense of tranquility and well-being. Added bonus that energy shift helped me break through a weight loss plateau! Rachel has helped me tremendously with managing my stress levels and learning how to nourish body and soul. She truly has a gift for intuitive healing. It's amazing that even weeks after the session I still feel the benefits from it. I highly recommend experiencing The Wildness it will enrich your life more than you can imagine.

Individual Healing Session
Adele (Oxnard, CA)

Rachel has a true gift. I feel enormously shifted and elevated after every session! It's as if my body/mind is back in balance. I'm deeply grateful for her help and healing energy/insights. So much is held in the body that can't be processed through therapy. I'm deeply grateful for Rachel's work!

Calibrate C+ Powder-to-Liquid Serum
Trisha P. (Murrieta, CA)

I honestly can't give it a review yet because I just started using it.I believe I've only used it like 5 times and I haven't seen any difference yet. Check back with me in a month and I will give you my honest opinion. But, what I can say is you gave me a sample of your body butter and I absolutely love the smell and how it makes my skin feel after a shower.

Individual Healing Session
Ellen B. (Marietta, GA)
Energy Healing with Rachel

I've had the opportunity to have 2 sessions with Rachel. Both experiences were incredibly powerful and restorative. She is deeply in tune with her own energy and was able to connect with me on a very deep level. She accurately sensed my physical discomfort, blocks, and energy flow. She was remarkably in sync with my system and was able to work with my body in a way that helped shift and release blocks that have existed for a while. Incredibly healing! She is the real deal and is offering such an important service.

Individual Healing Session
Lindy L. (Marietta, GA)
The Energy was Fantasticf!

I had been feeling lethargic, easily frustrated and clumsy for several weeks. After some detective work, I realized my oxygen saturation rate was extremely low. I scheduled a one-on-one session with Rachel. The session was very calming and I could feel a warmth through my body while she “investigated” the different areas of my anatomy. Rachel discovered what looked like a tightly wrapped package in the vicinity of my diaphragm. She worked on unwrapping and dissolving this mass which initiated lots of productive coughing. By the next day my oxygen saturation level was normal and for the last three months I have been able to lead a full, productive life. Thank you, Rachel!

Individual Healing Session
Nadine P. (Courtenay, BC)
Exceeded all expectations

There is no other energy healer as impactful as Rachel! She is most certainly a divinely connected conduit from Source. I have had a few sessions with her, and each and everyone has exceeded all my expectations. Her energy force is so strong it feels like she is in the room with me even though we are almost 3000 miles apart. I am still in awe that she is able to do what she does.
A beautiful soul, inside and out, Rachel is truly gifted and I am so grateful to have her healing experiences in my life.

Individual Healing Session
Michael B. (Monroe, GA)
First Session

I had my first session this week and wasn't quite sure exactly what to expect. It turned out to be a very unique experience. I have had neuropathy in my legs for years which is much better after one session but the most exciting part was my throat. I had cancer radiation therapy. It was very difficult to eat or even swallow. That same day I was able to eat and swallow so much better. I didn't know what to think of it but I'm glad it worked. She did an excellent job and it was a very pleasant experience.

CBD Skincare Discovery Set
Monika G. (Colorado Springs, CO)
Love the smell

I enjoy the rescue CBD oil. I put it as a last step on my nighttime routine and my skin is very hydrated next morning !

Aqua Chalcedony Necklace
Michelle (Fayetteville, NC)
Stunning necklace

I love this necklace! The beach is my happy place and the color of the stone reminds me of the green/blue color of the ocean. It's really beautifully made and a perfect length. Thank you!

The Originals Skincare Discovery Set
Alisa M. (Charlotte, NC)
The Glow Up You Didn’t Know You Needed

I’m OBSESSED with this skincare. At first I thought it would be too oily for my skin, but I was wrong! It’s actually beyond amazing! My skin looks hydrated, healthy and no blemishes!!!! Completely cleared my skin after the first week I started it. It also helps even out makeup application. Seriously, this set is the glow up you didn’t know your skin needed. I never go without my Rescue Balm and the Body Butter is great for my tired feet at the end of the day. If you haven’t given this set a try, I HIGHLY recommend it. Oh….and it smells delish too! Thank you Rachel for creating such a wonderful product.


Absolutely amazing!

I’m the short time I’ve been using these products my skin has never felt better and never looked better! I love it and would 100% recommend!

Best Skin Ever Discovery Set
Vanessa M. (Corona, CA)
Thank you for giving me more confidence!

The Vitamin C+ powder to serum is a magic potion in a bottle! It’s the missing link for my skin care. I was exhausting myself trying to do everything and had the internal work on point but what I was doing externally just wasn’t hitting the mark. I would find the most natural of creams but my skin was still so dry. The moment the serum touched my skin it was like heaven and earth just met 🤩 thank you!! I am so excited to be sending these products as holiday gifts for my loved ones.

Whipped body butter

This stuff is truly amazing! The skin on my arms has n3ver felt so soft and smooth. My skin absorbs it instantly! I love it!

Herkimer Diamond Satellite Necklace
Shannon M. (Marietta, GA)
A Treasure

I absolutely love, love, love my necklace. I actually wear it everyday! It’s so delicate, but adds just enough sparkle to go with everything. It’s a treasure! ❤️

Calibrate C+ Powder-to-Liquid Serum
Marrie F. (Roswell, GA)
Bright Skin

This product is easy to use and certainly brightens my skin. I definitely recommend any products from this very knowledgeable skin care aficionado.

Rebirth Whipped Body Butter
Annelyse T. (Denver, CO)
Love This!

Absolutely love the Rebirth Whipped Body Butter! It smells amazing and leaves my skin so smooth and hydrated. Will definitely purchase again!

Calibrate C+ Powder-to-Liquid Serum
Susan F. (Youngsville, NC)
Love it!

This product has help my skin feel smoother and has started to fill in a large pore that had developed over the years. I would recommend it to help aging skin even out. Thank you!

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